Student Rights

 Allens Training Pty Ltd recognises that students have the right to: 

  • expect the provision of high quality training that recognises their individual learning styles and needs;
  • have access to all services regardless of educational background, gender, marital status, sexual preference, race, colour, pregnancy, national origin, ethnic or socio-economic background, physical or intellectual impairment, and religious or political affiliation;
  • have their prior learning, acquired competencies, and experience appropriately recognised in determining their requirements for training and assessment;
  • be advised of the learning outcomes and prescribed assessment tasks for the training program of their choice prior to its commencement;
  • appeal for a review of the results of an assessment;
  • expect to achieve the published learning outcomes from their training program, if they, in turn, devote the necessary time and diligence to it;
  • learn from fully qualified and competent Trainers who observe their responsibility to address students' learning needs, assist them to achieve the course outcomes, and assess their students' work fairly;
  • learn in an appropriately appointed, safe and clean learning environment, free of all forms of harassment and discrimination;
  • be treated with dignity and fairness;
  • expect that Allens Training Pty Ltd will be ethical and open in their dealings, their communications and their advertising;
  • expect that Allens Training Pty Ltd will observe their duty of care to them;
  • efficient handling of administrative matters and in the processing of fees, concessions, refunds etc;
  • privacy and confidentiality, and secure storage of student records in accordance with the organisation’s policies, to the extent permitted by law. 

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for: 

  • understanding and accepting the enrolment conditions for the courses they undertake.
  • providing accurate information about themselves at time of enrolment, and to advise Allens Training Pty Ltd of any changes to their address or phone numbers within 7 days.
  • providing all required enrolment information, including proof of identity where required.
  • paying of all fees and charges associated with their course and providing their own course requirements where notified.
  • recognising the rights of staff and other students to be treated with dignity and fairness, and behaving in an appropriate and acceptable manner towards them.
  • ensuring they attend classes sober and drug free, and smoke only in open areas away from other people.
  • contribute to learning in a harmonious and positive manner irrespective of gender, race, sexual preference, political affiliation, marital status, disability or religious beliefs.
  • actively participating and monitoring your own progress by ensuring assessment deadlines are observed.
  • the security of their personal possessions while attending a course.
  • promptly reporting all incidents of harassment or injury to their trainer or Allens Training Pty Ltd administration office.
  • respecting Allens Training Pty Ltd and their partner’s property, and observing policy guidelines and instructions for the use of equipment.
  • seeking clarification of their rights and responsibilities when in doubt.