Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and National Recognition

What is RPL?

RPL means an assessment process that assesses the competency/s of an individual that may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual meets the requirements specified in the training package or VET accredited courses.

What is recognition (Credit Transfer)

Credit transfer/National Recognition: is the recognition of learning achieved through formal education and training where there is a current equivalent unit on Under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any RTO are to be accepted and recognised by all other RTOs. National recognition allows a student to be awarded a unit of competency/module based on successful completion of the unit which has been previously awarded. 

The outcome may be that we can:

  1. Provide the qualification based on the material supplied.
  2. Provide the qualification subject to some form of assessment, but without classroom attendance.
  3. Provide partial recognition of the course and thereby reduce the classroom and assessment process leading to course completion.

Fees will be charged for the RPL service and will be discussed when you approach Allen’s Training to determine the requirements that will need to be supplied.

Students may apply for RPL on the basis of previous and or current work experience, life experience or training. Only the RPL supervisor of Allens Training can grant RPL to the student. Students are required to indicate their intention to apply for RPL upon registration and complete the RPL Application form available at reception or as a downloadable document from the Allens Training Website. Students will then be informed in writing as to the results of their application and if any further evidence is required.

The RPL assessor is available to discuss applications or provide advice on evidence that may support an application. The responsibility of providing complete and accurate documentation is a student responsibility.

The assessor or Allens Training Pty Ltd will advise the cost prior to the application being submitted. The cost may vary by course and must be paid at the time of application. If you are not granted RPL, you have the opportunity to ask for a review from the General Manager. 

 RPL Applications are available as a downloadable document under each course listed on our website.