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The Pool Safety Council have introduced CPD requirements that will apply to all licensed pool safety inspectors (PSIs), prior to the renewal of their pool safety inspector licence.

Allens Training provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, approved by the Pool Safety Council, for delivery to licensed pool safety inspectors throughout Queensland! This gives you the opportunity to participate in quality online courses that are  time and cost effective. 

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is pleased to announce a new video presentation about pool safety requirements specifically targeted for home and property owners.
The video is available now on YouTube called “Pool Safety Compliance - The Home Owner Building Guide”.
QBCC’s Better Building series presenter, Tom Williams, steps you through the key elements of pool safety for regulated pools.
It is hoped that this will be a valuable resource for you in presenting a clear message about pool safety laws in Queensland.

Our Professional Development online courses are approved by the Queensland Building and Construction commission.




Pool Safety Inspector Professional Development  - Courses Available

Client Interaction and Communication $50.00 (2 CPD points)

PSI Awareness $50.00 (2 CPD points)

Record Keeping Professional Conduct and Complaints $50.00 (2 CPD points)

Test Strength and Rigidity of Metal Pool Fencing; Laws & Changes; Code of Conduct overview  $50.00 (2 CPD points) 

Pool Safety standard for barriers  $70 (3 CPD points)

Minor Repairs  $30.00 (1 CPD point)


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