Health and Safety Representative Training Course – Five Day

 Day 1: Work Health and Safety Framework 

  • Work Health and Safety and evolution of WHS legislation 
  • WHS framework and key terminology 
  • Duty holders and their duties 
  • Introduction to the role and function of HSRs and WHS entry permit holders 
  • Role and function of WorkCover and Penalties under the WHS Act 
Day 2: Consultation, Representation and Participation 
  • Consultation requirements and arrangements in the workplace 
  • Roles and responsibilities of HSRs in consultation 
  • Role of Health and Safety Committees 
  • HSRs' rights entitlements and protections 
  • Exceptions from obligations and the review process 

Day 3: Role of the HSR in Issue Resolution and minimising risks 

  • Effective consultation and communication 
  • Investigating complaints , negotiation issues resolution and problem solving 
  • Monitoring and review of risk controls and the role of the HSR 
Day 4: Inspections, Notifiable Incidents and Incident Investigation 
  • Workplace inspection and recording findings - practical 
  • Hazard identification prompt list 
  • Sample workplace inspection checklist 
  • Notifiable incidents 
  • Incident investigation techniques - practical 
Day 5: Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs) and ceasing unsafe work 
  • Purpose and function of PINs 
  • Role and requirements for HSRs to issue PINs and process for issuing a PIN 
  • Directing unsafe work to cease and alternatives to PINs or ceasing unsafe work 
  • Course Summary and Evaluation 
  • Course Review 
  • Continuous learning 
  • Course Evaluation

One Day Gap Training

A 1 day gap training course designed to provide Health & Safety Representative's (HSR’S) with an understanding of their role under the new WHS legislation 

Course Pre-requisites: 
Completion of the former four day course in OHS Consultation is a pre-requisite. Participants must provide a copy of their certificate obtained under the OHS Regulation 2001 

Cost of the Training

5 day Health and Safety Representative Initial training $530pp 

1 day gap training $150pp 
Refresher training $150pp 
Discounts can apply for a number of students.