The NEW Dual Mode Brayden further assists First Aid Trainers by offering modes of increasing levels of complexity to students.
Mode 1
Students learn ideal CPR compression speed (rate of 100-120 per minute) with effective depth (above 5cm). This mode focuses on technique and speed, including full recoil.
Mode 2
Students perfect their CPR compression to ideal depth (between 5-6 cm) and speed. This mode focuses on technique, speed, full recoil and not over-compressing.
Demonstration Mode
Show students blood flow under normal heart function.
Ideal for scenario based training - start in Demonstration Mode then simulate Sudden Cardiac Arrest by turning the power off. Start a CPR challenge and see which students can maintain the best blood flow to the brain.



-          Realistic chest movement

-          Head tilt and chin lift for the airway to open

-          Oral and nasal passages for realistic nasal pinch

-          Anatomical landmarks (sternum, ribcage etc)

-          Quick and easy clean-up

-          Clicker for correct compression depth

-          Two way power supply (battery and **AC power)


Additional Components Include in this package:

- Face Skin (1)
- Artificial Lung (1)
- Face Shields (10)
- Batteries (C type, Manganese) (6)
- Carry Bag / Training Mat (1)
- User Manual (1)

  **AC Power Adaptor not included - must be purchased seperately

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